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Associate Teaching Professor
Dep of Computer Science
NC State University

I joined the faculty at North Carolina State University (NCSU) in 2012. Prior to that I worked in industry for seven years, most notably at IBM Research where I worked on next generation networking projects. I received both my PhD in Computer Science and MS in Networking from NCSU.

My passion is for teaching Computer Science as it is at the core of many of the greatest innovations of our times. Technology affects our lives in so many ways and it is going to continue to do so for many years to come. It is transforming our society by affecting politics, education, how we manage our data and it even influences how we interact with people.

My research interests are in innovation of Computer Science Education, effective ways of teaching Computer Science to non-majors and increasing the diversity of Computer Science students. I am also interested in Cloud Networking, Software Defined Networking,  techniques and uses of Deep Packet Processing, advance scheduling of network resources, control & management plane design.

Work Experience

Honors & Awards


  • 2005 PhD in Computer Science, NCSU
  • 2002 MS in Computer Networking, NCSU
  • 1999 BS in Electrical Engineering/Minor in Applied Math, Kettering University